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Mega Millions provides players with the opportunity to win…you guessed it, millions of dollars. The multi-state lottery game earns its name with huge prizes and many chances to win. Use our Mega Millions number generator to choose your (hopefully) winning ticket! Mega Millions is available in 45 states, Washington D.C., and the US Virgin Islands.|Nebraska Mega Million's $1 million lottery won in Humboldt. An ex-prison guard, Herbert Carlin, took a long journey to Lincoln on Monday, August 6, 2012 to claim his prize from Mega Million Lottery. It was reported that Carlin managed to grab $ 1 million in th... read more. Multistate Mega Millions Lottery Data Analysis.New York Player Hits a Mega Millions jackpot Record of $432 Million . Every season, whether warm, rainy, cold, or hot, Mega Millions gives its players the chance to win life-changing money. What's more, this Autumn is by far no exception because one lucky player just won a Mega Millions jackpot record of $432 million.|Double Play Numbers Drawn Through 10/06/2021. *Since 5/69 and 1/26 Matrix Implementation August 23, 2021. First 5 Numbers; Powerball|The hot numbers for the Mega Millions are: 10, 14, 4, 31, 17 and Mega Balls 22 & 11. The cold numbers for the Mega Millions are: 21, 51, 36, 5, 35 and Mega Balls 8 & 3. Powerball Lucky Numbers. The older of the two U.S. rivals, Powerball was formed in 1992 and has grown to become the biggest lottery in the world.Nowhere else will you find a more complete set of strategy tools for picking winning lotto numbers.Such great flexibility and wide variety of useful charts just doesn't exist in any other lottery software.. The new and improved features of Advantage Gold include:. New Windows format allows more accessibility - runs on 32-bit and 64-bit Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, and 10.Click here to view the statistics for the first version of Mega Millions (September 6, 1996 to January 12, 1999: first 5 numbers were 1-50 and the Mega Ball was 1-25). Click here to view the statistics for the second version of Mega Millions (January 15, 1999 to May 14, 2002: first 5 numbers were 1-50 and the Mega Ball was 1-36).of correctly predicted numbers. $250.00. view prediction. Best Predictions for GosLotto 6-45 Lottery. Advanced. GosLoto 6-45 Wed 19 Aug 2020. winning RUB100,650.|Powerball Frequency. Presented below are the latest Powerball Frequency charts that are updated immediately following each draw.The frequencies were reset following the Powerball changes that took place on October 7th, 2015.The frequency of each main number and each Powerball are presented in a tablular form for you to easily check a number of your choosing, or in graphical form lower down to ...Mega Millions: Mega Millions is a multi-state jackpot game with 43 participating states. Mega Millions game uses a 5/56+1/46 matrix from which winning numbers are chosen. The minimum Mega Millions advertised grand prize starts at $12 million. Each play costs $1. The chances of matching all six Powerball numbers are about 1 in 175 million.Man wins lottery using fortune cookie numbers... 01:18 The winning numbers for Tuesday night's Mega Millions jackpot were 25, 37, 46, 48, 68 and the Mega Ball was 25. The pot was up to $475 million.Mega Millions; Most Overdue Numbers; Overdue numbers are those which have not been drawn for the longest amount of time. The graphics below show the most overdue numbers for Mega Millions, so you can see how many draws it has been since each number last appeared and the date on which they were drawn.|The number 6 appears among the top 10 main ball pool numbers, the five numbers preceding the final Mega Ball number on a ticket, for the Mega Millions lottery from 2002 to 2005.|As I have explained earlier, in a world of random chance, hot or cold numbers are nothing but myths. In the same context, the lottery doesn't care whether your numbers are lucky or unlucky. You don't get the jackpot prize by matching a number. ... Note: Our analysis of the Mega Millions must start on October 31, 2017, ...|Window PB-1 in the lower left displays a tabular analysis of the most common white and Power lottery balls. The total occurances of each ball is shown for: 3 Month, 6 Month, 1 Year, 2 Year, and All Time terms. The cells are color coded to illustrate numbers that are: Cold (Blue), Cool (Light Blue), Warm (Light Red), and Hot (Red).|Lottery Analysis : • Frequencies of digits and numbers, hot and cold numbers, when a digit or a number was last drawn • Lottery numbers that have never been drawn in exact order (straight) and in any order (box). • Analysis of pairs and triads of lottery numbers. Lottery Tools and Wheels:|A progressively higher jackpot prize is offered each time no one gets the winning number combination, and the increase is based on the number of people who buy the Mega Millions lottery ticket. The numbers tell their tale. Based on records of people buying tickets to a drawing, 80% select quick picks, while the remaining 20% select their own ...|The Jackpot Lottery Companion offers promising lottery play guides via instant download for some of the most popular jackpot lottery games including: Mega Millions, Powerball, Lucky For Life and many other State specific Pick 5 games.Find your game's play guide and immediately improve your play. Each play guide is a comprehensive mathematical breakdown and contains valuable game-specific ...|On average, approximately 1 in 4 wins a prize. In the jackpot grid size of 300,000 tickets, there is one jackpot winner. In the non-jackpot grid of 150,000 tickets, there are 2 of $500; 40 of $50; 50 of $25; 600 of $10; 4,800 of $5; 14,000 of $2; 18,000 of $1. Odds and number of winners do not vary.

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